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Sky above us.
Earth below us.
Nature within us.

About ACF

Aruba Conservation Foundation (ACF) is an independent and not-for-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Aruba’s rich and diverse natural ecosystems.

As a custodian of protected areas and species in Aruba, ACF promotes sustainable practices that integrate environmental, social, cultural and economic objectives in meaningful ways to ensure that our island and its resources remain relevant for present and future generations.

34 endemic species
16 protected areas

Together for nature


As we look towards the next ten years, we are committed to conserving Aruba’s natural and cultural heritage, as well as engaging and inspiring people to value and protect them. This journey of discovery cannot be completed overnight. However, with dedication in our hearts and a strong blueprint for success, we lead the way for the sustainable development of Aruba.

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Sea baby boom

Introduction of preliminary management plan for Parke Marino Aruba are put in place to conserve reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove forests.

July 2003

How it all began

The “Fundacion Parke Nacional Arikok” (FPNA), known today as the Aruba Conservation Foundation was established in July 2003.

Feb 2017

Conserving nature

In February 2017, mangrove and wetland RAMSAR site #198 Spanish Lagoon were annexed to Aruba Conservation Foundation due to its importance as a feeding and breeding area for water birds and a nursery area for various marine organisms.

We raise our voice for the land

ACF Team


Tyson Lopez

Chief Executive Officer

Natasha Silva

Chief Conservation Officer

“All the memories of my youth feature animals and nature in some way; a unique nature that is quintessentially Aruba.”

Natasha Silva
Chief Conservation Officer

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Deadline: 7 August 2024

Learning & Outreach Specialist


Focused for the future


Our two-tier governance structure helps ensure that decision-making processes are formal, transparent, and focused on the foundation’s overarching objectives. The ACF’s Multi-Annual Corporate Strategy serves as a roadmap guiding the organization towards becoming a future-proof conservation entity for the next 10 years.

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Saving a Locally Extinct Parrot

National Parks Traveler writes about the reintroduction of the 'Lora' in Aruba.
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The First Yellow-Shouldered Amazon

Nature Today writes about how ACF together with local partners reintroduced the 'Lora' in Aruba.
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Company Reports


ACF's Multi Annual Corporate Strategy 2023-2032

A roadmap that will guide ACF as a future proof conservation organization for the next 10 years.
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Financial Statement 2022

ACF is deeply committed to transparency, ensuring careful resource management to funding directly allocated to conservation activities and programs in Aruba.
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