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Aruba’s diverse ecosystems, both land and sea, are home to 
34 endemic species including the critically endangered Aruba Island rattlesnake, the Aruba burrowing owl and Hummelinck’s vesper mouse. 
As one of the most densely populated countries in the world that welcomes international visitors daily, it is crucial that we work together to protect 
our island’s natural biodiversity and ensure that species like these remain 
in the face of climate change.

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Aruba Conservation Foundation (ACF) is an independent and not-for-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Aruba’s rich and diverse natural ecosystems. As the only foundation in Aruba solely committed to protecting nature, we are proud to manage the conservation of nearly 25% of the island as well as four Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

For the last 20 years, we’ve made it our job to stand up and speak out for the needs of nature. 
We promote sustainable practices that integrate environmental, social, cultural and economic objectives in meaningful ways to ensure that our island and its resources remain relevant for present and future generations.

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Explore our island’s rich past, home to a variety of plants and animals that inhabit our unique geological, cultural and historical sites. Venture on your own, learn with one of our guided tours, or take part in an educational program or conservation activity.

Parke Nacional Arikok

Located at the north-eastern part of Aruba, Parke Nacional Arikok encompasses 34 square kilometers of protected nature area and is home to much of the island’s flora and fauna. Its windswept landscape holds numerous ecosystems and a rich biodiversity of trees and plants, birds, bats, invertebrates, and reptiles, including the endangered Aruba Island rattlesnake known locally as the ‘Cascabel’.

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Open Daily: 8:00 – 15.30
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If the cascabel could speak, what would it say?


Aruba is home to 34 endemic species. 282 species of bird alone have been recorded on the island.

Alongside our ACF protected areas, certain areas have been recognized as a Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) and/or an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA). The spectacular Spaans Lagoen is an official Ramsar site as of 1980 and most recently the island has seen a major increase of its protected wetlands area with the expansion Spaans Lagoen and the addition of four new Ramsar sites.  
However, we are witness to species decline and the negative effects of human impact on the island every day. To protect and preserve our valuable flora and fauna, we are committed to three strategic pillars of stewardship in line with Conservation Standards: conserve; give value; and create support. It is through this integrated approach that we hope to work together and do justice to nature and our people. 

Protected Areas

Bishita Aruba

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    • Parke Nacional Arikok
    • Sasarawichi Dunes & Arashi Beach
    • Spaans Lagoen
    • Saliña Druif
    • Saliña Malmok
    • Saliña Cerca
    • MPA Arikok
    • MPA Sero Colorado
    • MPA Mangel Halto
    • MPA Oranjestad
    • Saliña Palm Beach
    • Saliña Bubali
    • Rooi Manonchi
    • Ser’i Teishi
    • Rooi Lamoenchi
    • Costa Sero Colorado

    Parke Nacional Arikok


    Parke Nacional Arikok encompasses 34 square kilometers of protected nature area and is home to much of the island’s flora and fauna.


    Parke Nacional Arikok is home to a great diversity of drought-resistant cacti, trees and plants (xeric), numerous species of bird, reptile and mammal, such as the endemic and endangered Shoco, Prikichi, and Cascabel, the blue Cododo and the rare Hummelinck’s vesper mouse.

    Education is key

    Learning & Outreach

    Through school excursions and other community-based projects, we aim to inspire the next generation of conservation leaders who will protect and preserve the nature of Aruba and beyond.

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    Latest Reports


    Quick scan: Marine Environment Isla di Oro 2024

    Investigating the current marine biodiversity and ecosystem features of the 'Isla di Oro' site on Aruba's south coast.
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    Quick scan: Impacts of Aruba Ocean Villas Development 2024

    This quick scan was executed in 2024 as a follow-up to demonstrate the effects on the mangroves and sea grass in the area.
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